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StageX is an innovative vehicle remapping software equipped with a dedicated AI. Browser based, it starts in about few seconds, then automatically identify the Maps, and describes them, and allows you to work on it. Try it free or subscribe to StageX Plus for a limitless work that will extend your offer of services and solutions for your customers.

What you get with StageX:
- DTC removal module
- automatic solutions
- mappack recognition
- Advanced editing, even in 2D & 3D
- checksum recognition



StageX remapping software StageX remapping software


Designed for PRO tuners 


StageX automatically recognize mappacks and let users delete or modify calibration curves of each supported ECUs and TCUs.

It indexes, describes and draw the main engine calibration tables for modification of the main parameters of the vehicle through 2D and 3D tables or graphs.

No more that few clicks to edit the main vehicle parameters.

Chose StageX to boost your business with a lots of new solutions.

stagex remapping software dtc removal stagex remapping software dtc removal



DTC Removal module


StageX has an automatic search and removal module for DTCs (Diagnostics Troubles Codes).

It made the user able to search and identify the entire list of vehicle DTCs and then quickly remove the error codes in the quickest way.


stagex remapping Constant updated stagex remapping Constant updated



Constant updated


StageX evolve day by day.

Periodically, new update were released to add new ECUs protocol. The software, now available also in dark mode, is constantly updated.

The goal is to offer a full coverage of every single ECU and TCU on the market. Check now the complete list of supported vehicle[link].


stagex remapping automatic solutions stagex remapping automatic solutions


Start your business


Even beginners can use this car remapping software and edit files, that modifications would be easier than ever with StageX.

See how it works in our video tutorial or book one of our training courses, it's easy, click here.


Demo or Plus

Choose your version of StageX, the subscription is elastic. You can try for free the potential of the vehicle remapping software for 7 days. Otherwise, if you want the best without limits subscribe your to StageX Plus, no constraints, cancel when you want.

We remind you that the use of StageX is recommended for competitive purposes only

How It Works

StageX Tutorials



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