Volvo ESL ELV SCL Steering Lock Emulator

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Magic Emulator easily fix ELV steering lock in Volvo vehicles.

Main characteristics:
- plug and play
- simple installation
- compatible with Volvo



Magic Emulator, produced in collaboration with Nitro Mekatronik, solve the problems that occur with the steering lock in Volvo vehicles. ELV is a self-occurring mechanical failure in the Steering Column Lock, not related to external factors. In the case of malfunction, even if there is no evident problem with the vehicle’s key, it will not be able to start the vehicle because the ELV Steering Column Lock will not be activated.

In this case, a new ELV Steering Column Lock must be installed in the vehicle and programmed into the vehicle. For Volvo brand vehicles, the Volvo ESL ELV SCL Steering Column Lock Emulator must be installed in substitution of the defective ELV Steering Column Lock without any need for programming.


Compatible Vehicles:
V40 S60 S80 xc60



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Inside this package you will find:

Magic Emulator Volvo


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