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DynoRoad is an innovative portable Dyno that allows you to measure the performance of your car. Thanks to its small size, you can take it anywhere and install in minutes. Get the results directly on your smartphone.

Main features:
- power, torque, acceleration measurement
- integrated sensors measurement
- high precision
- free app on smartphone
- built-in rechargeable battery



Dynoroad portable dyno car performance Dynoroad portable dyno car performance

The portable dyno


DynoRoad is a dyno designed to measure and evaluate power, torque, acceleration and other parameters in vehicles through an application that can be downloaded on a smartphone.

A portable dyno that allows you to obtain precise and repeatable results. Just enter the correct vehicle weight and tire size to get the power values really ​​close to the real value.

DynoRoad also has an integrated weather micro station for measuring temperature and atmospheric pressure and other data useful for evaluating the tests.

With the same external factors, it allows you to constantly repeat the results with a margin of error of less than 1%.

Using DynoRoad you can get values ​​similar to what you would get with a traditional test dyno bench.



Dynoroad portable dyno car performance really simple installation Dynoroad portable dyno car performance really simple installation


Quick installation


Vehicle installation is really easy. DynoRoad kit includes a universal mounting set and all the necessary accessories.

Fix the device on the wheels in the drive axle, press ON and connect to the app on the smartphone via Bluetooth.

After the starting configuration, through a guided procedure it will be possible to calibrate the device maintaining a speed of 40Km / h for at least 20 seconds.

Right after that, you can already use DynoRoad for all your measurements.



Dynoroad portable dyno car performance Dynoroad portable dyno car performance

Smartphone overview


Carry out the tests via the free application downloadable on smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems. The software user interface is user friendly, simple and intuitive, designed for enthusiasts and professionals in the sector.

The App guides you to the first configuration and allows the evaluation of the vehicle power parameters, offering the possibility to compare multiple tests with different engine calibration settings.

In the analysis section you will find a space dedicated to performance measurements, where you can view all the details of your tests: acceleration, split times, maximum speed, distance and uniform slope of the road.

From that moment you'll be able to view and share the charts whenever you want. The device management application is available in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Polish and German. In addition, you also have the DynoRoad web portal where you can easily view the results via PC.



Compact, light, rechargeable


Thanks to its light weight and compact size, you can always take DynoRoad anywhere. The device is made with a solid aluminum body, which preserves its construction characteristics and guarantees its maintenance over time. The on board battery guarantees up to 10 hours of autonomy and you can recharge via a USB type C port.

The device is intended for competitive purposes only, it must not be used in streets or public space.

How It Works


Package Content

Inside the package you will find:

DynoRoad module
8mm allen key
10mm allen key
14mm spanner
4 pcs bolt attachment set - 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm
M12 threaded bolt
M10 screw & spring washer


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