Magic Charger 100 Battery charger

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Magic Charger 100 is a professional battery charger for automotive use. It supports vehicle battery keeping during diagnostics and/or programming. 

Main characteristics:
- Rated power 1600W
- 12V output voltage
- Inverter technology
- Compatible with lead and lithium batteries



Magic Charger 100 12 V


Charge any type of battery


Magic Charger 100 is the multifunctional power supply that guarantees a charge suitable for maintaining also the most advanced battery models.

This product is born from the collaboration between Magicmotorsport and GYS, a leading industrial group in the design and production of workshop equipment and tool.

Magic Charger 100 allows you to keep the charge of any type of 12V Lead or Lithium battery at a stabilized voltage at the time of diagnostics.

It also guarantees an ideal charging quality for the maintenance of the latest vehicles. USB connectivity makes it 100% customizable. It is supplied with 5m cables.



Charger for mechatronics workshop

Four modes of use


The software of the charger is available in 22 languages and allows you to choose between four modes of use:

• Charge: for 12 V Lead or Lithium batteries (LFP) from 5 up to 1200 Ah.
• Diagnostics: supports up to 100 A for 12 V batteries of vehicles in the diagnostic phase, in mechatronic workshops.
• Showroom: provides the battery with current compensation when using the electrical accessories of a demonstration vehicle.
• Tester: Make you able to check the status of the battery, to evaluate the starting system (starter + battery) and the status of the vehicle's alternator.


Magic Charger 100 Inverter tecnology

Automatic winding


Extends the life and performance of Lead (gel, AGM, liquid, calcium, etc) and Lithium (LFP) batteries.

Specific charge curve in 8 stages (lead acid batteries) or 9 stages (lithium iron phosphate batteries).

Magic Charger 100 also allows you to recover completely discharged batteries with the automatic recovery function.


Magic Charger 100

Advanced and safe


Magic Charger 100 is equipped with some advanced functions, such as "Auto-Detect" which automatically launches the charge when a battery is connected to the device. No problem if the power goes out.

Thanks to the "Auto Restart" function, the power supply keeps in memory the last selected use mode.

Use it safely without damaging the vehicle's on-board electronics: Magic Charger 100 offers protection against short-circuits, polarity reversals and overloads.

Up to 12 charge profiles available, including the Easy profile for simplified charging, suitable for all lead-acid batteries.



USB and SMC connection


The Magic Charger battery charger is also equipped with USB and SMC connectivity. You can add, delete or modify USB charging modes and profiles.

Retrieve the charging history and coordinates on the USB stick and view on a dedicated worksheet.

Furthermore, you can connect additional modules (printer, barcode reader, etc.) through the dedicated socket of the SMC Smart Module Connector.

How It Works

A guide to using MagicCharger 100 CNT

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