Universal MAGBench V3 Jig Tool Kit

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MAGBench is the universal BDM frame or Jig tool produced by Magicmotorsport. It allows you to make stable connections with engine control units and automatic transmission units in Boot, JTAG and BDM modes.

Main characteristics:
- 56 positioning holes
- precise connections
- led lighted base
- customizable




MAGBench: stable and precise connections


Connect ECUs and TCUs in a stable and accurate way in Boot, BDM and Jtag modes. MAGBench is the Magicmotorsport jig tool designed to make safe connections to the electronic units of vehicles.

Thanks to its patented upper panel and 56 positioning holes, you can also connect to the control units of heavy duty vehicles. An indispensable tool for your mechatronics workshop.

The base in which to place the electronic unit is LED lit, so you can work with greater precision and safety.

The top panel is equipped with an analog lifting mechanism. The eight probes are colored and coded like the reference cables to make it easier to connect to the ECUs in Bootloader mode.




Customize your MAGBench


MAGBench can be customized according to your needs. In fact, a variety of accessories are available that facilitate your work and allow you to efficiently program all types of control units.

If you need to connect in BDM and JTAG you can also find everything you need to get the most out of MAGBench and offer more services to your customers.

Here are the accessories available:
MAGBench Articulating Arm for Adapters
MAGBench BDM Bosch adapter
MAGBench BDM Siemens adapter
MAGBench: BDM Marelli adapter
MAGBench: BDM Delphi adapter
MAGBench: JTAG TOYOTA Renesas / NEC adapter
MAGBench BDM adapter kit
MAGBench Adjustable pogo pin prob


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Package Content

Inside the package you will find:

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MAGBench Universal 2 in 1
Universal MAGBench Adjustable pogo pin probe
Power supply 6,6V 700mA with rj11
Neoprene Sheet