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IXI Personal Flasher is the portable device allowing you to modify engine and automatic transmission parameters according to your needs.
Find your tuner, ask for your file and enhance your vehicle performances in just a few clicks!

Main advantages:

  • ECU/TCU Programming
  • OBD connection in virtual read
  • No subscription
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Free updates



















IXI Personal Flasher





The device that connects tuners and motorsport enthusiasts.

Find a professional, get your file and improve the performances of your car.





Enhancethe potential of your vehicle


Find your tuner of trust in the Tuner List and ask for the file you have always wished for your car.






Program via OBD in just a few clicks


Connect IXI to the OBD port of your vehicle and write the content of the file directly on your ECU or TCU.




Wide range of compatibility

IXI already supports numerous car models and brands. This list is always updating.




No subscription

You don't pay any monthly fee, just the cost of your file. All new updates are included.

What is IXI Personal Flasher

IXI is a pocket-sized device allowing you to carry out a virtual read and program the content of your engine unit/automatic transmission unit. IXI software, intuitive and easy to use, works on PCs with Windows operating systems. If you already have an account Magicmotorsport, you can use the same credentials to access. Otherwise, create a new account completely free of charge.

For motorsport enthusiasts
IXI modifies the content of ECU and TCU, allowing you to improve the performances of your vehicle. Choose a professional from the Tuner List, ask for a modification, agree on the payment and get the file ready for your car. If you're an expert, you can even download the original file, modify it yourself, and rewrite it on the ECU or TCU. Choose freely, according to your needs.

For tuning professionals
If you already are a tuning professional, you can become part of the Tuner List and offer services to your customers. Get access to the Tuner Suite, the cloud-based platform allowing you to share files with your customers. Sign up for free, make yourself visible in the List and receive requests to boost your business.

A constant evolution

IXI is already a mature product, thanks to the experience gained with Flex, the ECU and TCU programmer created by Magicmotorsport and used by thousands of tuners all around the world. You can thus count on exclusive protocols and periodic updates with new features and a compatibility list that is always increasing with the latest models on the market. Moreover, IXI offers a dedicated support to answer to your questions and needs.








Join the tuning community now!

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IXI Device










Quick Start Guide





USB-C adapter





Tecnical features Installation requirements    
Device Port Internet connection:    
USB 2.0 One of the following:    
Communication port Windows 7 or higher    
ISO 15765: 2xCAN BUS OBD-II compliant vehicle    

ISO 9141-2 & ISO14230: 2X K-LINE, 1 X L-LINE


Battery Stabilizer (8min. 50A)    

IXI requires an internet connection and be used with a PC

How It Works

First steps

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