Flexbox female OBD cable

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Enable new functions on the Flexbox directly from the OBD socket of each Control Unit.

Main characteristics:
- standard OBD connector
- touch control
- four switchable modes



The FLX2.14 female OBD cable manufactured by Magicmotorsport allows you to connect Flexbox directly to the standard OBD socket of the vehicle. This accessory with 44-pin connector enables the Flexbox touch button and made you able to select one of the four modes available during bench programming and more.

By connecting the FLX2.14 cable to the electronic unit you can generate different voltage values ​​useful in various programming step. You can also enable the programmer in managing the "Ignition" signal or you can also switch it off.

Consult the user manual for connecting the FLX2.14 cable to FlexBox to the control unit in the Download section.

How It Works

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