Air Conveyor for the Dynomag Cooling System

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Dynomag air conveyor is an add-on for the Dynomag Hub cooling system, designed to optimize airflows.

Main features:

  • Conveys airflows
  • Ensures high performances during tests
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Ready to be installed on the Dynomag cooling system


Dynomag air conveyor ensures a controlled airflow, direct towards critical areas of the engine and other vehicle components during tests on the Dynomag Hub.
An essential accessory to obtain great performances and as well as an efficient and uniform heat dissipation during high-intensity sessions.

Made with high-quality materials and engineered to ensure the best fluid-dynamic performances, it also allows you to adjust airflow direction according to your needs. It can be easily installed in just a few minutes on the Dynomag cooling system, without permanent structural changes.

Thanks to its advanced design and robustness, it significantly contributes to the success of power tests and ensures safety of high-performance vehicles.


Width 91 cm
Length 158 cm
Height 59 cm
Shipping weight 50 kg

How It Works

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