3 ID48 tokens per day for 1 year - Xhorse VVDI

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3 Xhorse token package to use on VVDI MINI, Key Tool Max/Pro, Key Tool Plus. Valid for one year.

Enter your tool serial number to activate.



Get 3 ID48 tokens a day to use on Xhorse VVDI tools for one year.

Tokens can be used to make clonations on ID48 transponders, necessary to connect to Xhorse servers in order to complete key duplication operations.

ID48 token activation can be operated on tools such as VVDI MINI Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Max Pro, Key Tool Plus. Before buying tokens, be sure your VVDI Key Tool/VVDI Max already has a ID48 software package in 96 bit.

Xhorse technology meets Magicmotorsport Customer Care:  Customer Care for Xhorse tools is guaranteed by Magicmotorsport through a highly specialized team.


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