Xhorse Key Tool Plus Support

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Get Magicmotorsport specialized technical assistance in configuring and using Xhorse VVDI products like Key Tool Plus, Prog, MB, Bmw, Mini Prog, Key Tool Max.

Main characteristics:
- Dedicated technical support
- Via phone, chat, email, ticket
- Multi language
- Subscriptions from 1 to 12 months

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Xhorse technology meets Magicmotorsport support quality

Need an help to set up and use Xhorse VVDI products? We're the solution. Magicmotorsport offers its customers a highly specialized technical support service to meet all your needs.

A dedicated channel with one of our consultants who will answer to all your questions, both in English and in Italian. You decide how to get in touch: telephone, chat, e-mail or by ticket system on the Magicmotorsport Helpdesk platform.

Choose the end of the subscription to the service, between 1, 6 and 12 months and get all the help you need.



Support for VVDI products

With this service you will receive technical support for VVDI line products such as Key Tool Plus, VVDI PROG, VVDI 2, VVDI MB, VVDI BMW, VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI Key Tool Max. You will have all the needed information to connect the components and for programming the Immobilizer, Dashboard, Renew Remote, EEPROM & FLASH, body computer, MCU, Airbag list and other modules systems.

One of our technician will also help you in reading and writing the BCM / 2, EZS, ELV, RFA, CEM1 / 2 modules for programming or regenerating a key or for programming keys from OBD Make File Key to extend the vehicle list not supported in OBD.

It will also support you in the generation of keys from Immo data (for example for the VAG group) and in BMW programming in systems such as FEM / BDC / CAS Kling-E6x, E7x, E9x, E8x, CAS - CAN bus 100Kbps / CAS-CAN 500 Kbps CAS4 / CAS4 + Series F OBD key learning (CAS1 / CAS2 / CAS3 / CAS3 +)
Make File Key for all those vehicles with high protection on the immobilizer system.

Among other possibilities there is also assistance in programming the MB keys ("all keys lost") for all Mercedes vehicles registered before 2015. (FBS3 system) - EZS cloning - EZS regeneration - Emulator programming for ELV W204 / 207/212 and support in Porsche key programming even in "all lost keys" conditions


How to get Xhorse technical support

You can contact technical assistance for Xhorse via the official Magicmotorsport channels. By phone by calling +390917487722, by chat by clicking on the button on this page or by opening a ticket on the Helpdesk platform.

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