Emulator BMW ELV E series

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BMW ELV emulator compatible for E series.


BMW ELV emulator

A perfect solution for damaged ELV modules, this emulator works with E60, E87, E90 and other similar modules as well as the Mini R56. It emulates ELV (steering lock module) and is "Plug and Play" so no additional programming is needed. In some cases, it is necessary to delete the error memory and CAS counters with an appropriate diagnostic tool. If connected correctly, the orange LED (located on the emulator board) flashes when CAS accesses the ELV (lock and unlock commands etc ...).

  • 1. Make sure that the steering wheel is unlocked and the car starts (if not, reset the CAS counter in diagnosis);
  • 2. Remove the 4-wire connector from the steering column;
  • 3. Identify the position of the number 1 wire from the harness connector or from the steering column connector;
  • 4. Insert the connector from the wiring harness (black 4-wire connector) into the emulator so that pin 1 of the wiring harness is coupled with pin 1 on the emulator;
  • 5. Make sure to attach the connector securely and that it has correct contact with the wiring. It is preferable to weld it in place.

BMW ELV emulator

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Emulator BMW ELV E series


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