Bmw / Mini Cooper ELV / ESL Steering Lock Emulator

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Magic Emulator easily fix ELV steering lock in Bmw and Mini vehicles.

Main characteristics:
- plug and play
- simple installation
- compatible with BMW and Mini



Magic Emulator, produced in collaboration with Nitro Mekatronik, solve the problems that occur with the steering lock in BMW and Mini vehicles. Just connect the device to activate it, no additional hardware installation is required. It can perform a lot of operations such as locking and unlocking by accessing the CAS ELV form. You can also use it when the engine doesn't start or the ignition doesn't turn on.

How to use the emulator? Remove the pin connector from the ELV; Insert the connector into the emulator; Start your vehicle; If the emulator does not find any connection problem, the LED light will flash once; otherwise, If the emulator encounters connecting problem, the LED light will flash 5 times.


Compatible Vehicles:
BMW E60, E87, E90 and Mini Cooper



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