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Xhorse Tool to program Mercedes Benz keys.

Main features:

  • Key reading
  • Password calculation, also for lost keys
  • Advanced programming
  • Tech support by Magicmotorsport


MB Tool is a programming device of the VVDI line for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, produced by Xhorse. This tool was designed for automotive operators to make several operations such as key data reading and key programming in Mercedes-Benz vehicles with immobilizer system.

VVDI MB Tool is extremely popular among professionals specialized in automotive repair and services, because it allows them to carry out maintenance and key programming activities directly on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, increasing autonomy from car dealers and offering more convenient and flexible solutions.

Buy VVDI MB Tool from Magicmotorsport at its best price and get the multilingual, specialized tech support via phone, chat, and ticket.

Main features
Its main features include key programming with password calculation, also for lost keys. VVDI MB Tool is a versatile and powerful device offering a wide range of features. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a cat enthusiast loving DIY, VVDI MB is the tool that will make key programming simple and efficient.

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