Silca IRFH14 Universal Remote Car Key

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Silca IRFH14 is a three-button universal remote control key that duplicates the functions of the original vehicle key.
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Silca IRFH14 Universal Remote Car Key

Silca IRFH14 is a universal remote control key for cars with 3 buttons. Once programmed, this remote will duplicate the functions of the vehicle's original key.
Universal remote control keys are available in different designs which make them suitable for the most popular brands around the world.
They are equipped with three buttons: lock, unlock, and open truck.
Connect the Silca Universal Remote Control Cable to a smartphone to preset a new remote control in seconds.
You just have to select the vehicle model from the MySilca SRP app and the cable allows you to write the preset data to the remote key.

Silca IRFH14 Universal Remote Car Key

Silca IRFH14: features

- 3 buttons
- Quick and easy to pre-set
- Preset to suit the vehicle brand/model/year  
- Includes pin for fixing blade
- No Transponder: add cloning or programming Transponder 
- No Blade: add Silca CH blade
- Android Smartphone required
- Requires Silca Universal Remote Cable for pre-setting


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