1.1 MAGICMOTORSPORT offers a guarantee of thirty (30) day money back guarantee on all products from the FLEX line.
1.2 FLEX products that have been purchased from MAGICMOTORSPORT during promotional sales are also covered by a thirty (30) day money back guarantee.
1.3 If dissatisfied with the purchase of a FLEX product, for any reason, the customer will receive a full refund. This refund does not include shipping charges or customs costs that are non-refundable after shipment. No refunds are available after the time limit applicable to the purchase.
1.4 This refund also excludes bank fees and/or commissions that may have been applied at payment of the product(s).
1.5 A refund request must be sent within the time limit applicable to the purchase that must be calculated from the date of receipt of the product by the customer. The request must include a copy of the original invoice and the customer’s complete contact information. It will be necessary to ship the FLEX product in its original packaging with all related materials via traceable means to the MAGICMOTORSPORT headquarters.
1.6 MAGICMOTORSPORT assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss incurred during inbound transport and will deduct the cost of repairing the devices and accessories from the reimbursement amount in the event that physical damage occurs during transportation.
1.7 In the event that the free Green Coins provided with the purchase of a new MASTER FLEX product have been used for Services in the MMS Helpdesk, they will be converted into monetary value and will be deducted from the refund.
1.8 The cost of the FLEX product(s) will be refunded only after our Customer Service has verified the quantity and quality of the returned items. The items must be in perfect condition and must not have suffered damage of any kind or show warranty seals that are broken or have been tampered with. If the return is approved, a refund will be issued to the customer via the original payment method.
1.9 MAGICMOTORSPORT reserves up to fourteen (14) days to handle refund procedures. Refunds through PayPal and credit card may be subject to variations due to fees and surcharges charged to MAGICMOTORSPORT by the service providers.
1.10 It is possible to cancel an order at any time before shipping. Contact MAGICMOTORSPORT by e-mail or by telephone and a full refund will be issued.
1.11 Accounts that have been canceled/terminated by MAGICMOTORSPORT for having violated the MAGICMOTORSPORT Acceptable Use Policy do not qualify for the thirty (30) day money back guarantee. For example, if the account has been canceled due to unlicensed sharing of software, installation codes, firmware licenses or access data to the MMS Helpdesk, no reimbursement will be granted.
1.12 All third Party and/or rebranded products are covered by the original manufacturer's warranty and are excempt from this document.