Xhorse Dolphin XP-008 Key duplicator

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Xhorse Dolphin XP-008 is a key cutting machine thought for special keys. Small and smart, it has been designed for the most demanding professionals.



Dolphin XP-008 is a Xhorse cutting machine produced designed to duplicate special keys such as double bit keys, pump keys and safety deposit keys. It features a large locking gap up to 115mm that provide a more flexible experience for locking keys of various lengths. Get very high precision keys thanks to the support that allows you micro adjustments in all directions. The spindle speed reaches up to 1050 rpm ensuring high cutting efficiency. That speed helps to minimize the wear of the cutter and ensure a quality outcome. Furthermore, XP-008 offers a wide range of rotation up to 45 ° when turning the handle. Its ergonomic design and its all-aluminum construction make it easy to use and long-lasting.


Input frequency: 47-63Hz
Spindle Speed: 1050rpm
Table travel: 46 mm
Rotation angle of the clamp: 0-45°
Machine dimensions: 305x185x200 mm
Power: 145W
Input Voltage: 12V/DC
Motor torque: 1.32Nm
Net weight: 10.8kg La

Paket Inhalt

1 Xhorse Dolphin XP-008 
1 power adapter 
1 power cable 1 pc
1 Calibration Plate
1  brush


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