Condor XC009 (with battery)

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Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key Cutting Machine with Battery for Single-Sided and Double-sided Keys


Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key Cutting Machine with Battery

  • Xhorse Condor XC-009 is designed to cut single-sided keys and double-sided keys.
  • Condor XC-009 key cutter is a high standard single cutter key cutting machine which works on battery power.
  • Powerful and compact exquisite and easy to carry.
  • Skilled craftsman easy mobility
  • 1. Advantages: small volume,light weight,easy to carry.
  • 2. High Precision: with adaptable guide equipment, guarantee high cut precision.
  • 3. Wide Alicability: equipped with 4-side clamp, flexible exchange among 4-side. Different sides for different feature keys, cut kinds of special keys, wide applicability
  • 4. Safe & Low Noise: Low noise DC brushless motor. Emergency switch is able to turn off the power in emergency and start the machine while it's safe.
  • 5. Super Long Endurance Ability: build-in six 63 W.h(2500mA.h)battery cut 60-100 keys continuously
  • 6. Solid & Durable: aluminum structure, processed by DMG precise machine which is imported from Germany
  • 7. Humanized Design: Battery value remind function, hiden hand wheel, big clamp space, cut the big plastic cover keys that don't need to tear down, streamline handrail design, comfortable operation experience.
  • 8. Support Sevice: one year warranty, lifelong technical support for free, professional online service provides remote function and assistabce.

Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key Cutting Machine with Battery

Condor XC009 Top advantages:

  • Battery operated
  • 4 side jaw
  • 60-100 keys cut in one charge
  • Strong built quality
  • with LED light
  • with Handle to carry easily.
  • Functionality
  • It can cut all kinds of flat cylinder keys for most bikes, cars & door locks.
  • Battery
  • In one single charge, XC-009 can cut up to 60-100 keys.
  • Condor XC-009 comes with built-in Battery.
  • Condor XC-009 Key Cutter Features:
  • The first horizontal cutting machine
  • Lighter weight, about ten kilograms, easier to take out
  • Two configurations with multiple options
  • Built-in lithium battery lasts longer
  • Four directions fixture to switch freely
  • Better design with more beautiful outlook
  • Excellent material
  • This is nothing more than the most professional key expert around you
  • Condor 009 Parameter:
  • Motor rotation speed: 1800rpm
  • Clamp space: 95mm
  • Working temperature: 0-50℃
  • Humidity: 10-90%
  • Machine size: 285 x175x180mm
  • Power: 200W
  • Power parameter: 12V-18V/3A
  • Motoe Torque: 1.2 Nm

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